Yesterday I unwillingly met this guy and for some reason he wanted to threaten me, show me his long finger and scream at me. He watched me, followed me and waited outside a shop for me to return so he could start a discussion. A lot of words and a very unpleasant experience for me later he was walking away but turned and screamed back at me - I don't care about you! Which I answered back to him - well I care about you! I was very surprised to hear myself say that I cared.... but I did. The whole incidence had started with him deliberately walking out and crossing very slowly in front of my car with an ice-cold and to me very scary attitude. Now the situation could easily have been another a

Handcrafted and cared fore

We are proud that our jewelries are made with respect for people and nature. The jewelery starts in the melting pot being melted before it's poured in a mold. When the semi-finished product then has cooled of, it is sent to the jeweler's workshop to be cut up, soldered and polished before it can be called an InfiniteLoove jewelry. This process secures that every jewelry can twist and turn but never rigid or separated. Some of the jewelery must be hammered or oxidized or maybe even both before it's actually ready for final adjustments for customers. We value the whole process from start to finish, which is why we here on the blog shows you the before and after photo of the InfiniteLoove jewel

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