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A speech for life with a token to keep

When words are not enough to express the infinite love one can feel for another human being, it is good to have a token to symbolize all the ways that you want to describe that specific love. Memories, wishes, understanding, support and acceptance, is just some of the elements included in the infinite love that one can feel and it can be extensive to get all of it's facets included.

In the transition from youth to adulthood, there are many who hold a party and often related to the religion one belongs to where species are being held to express advises for the adolescent and the love that can bring along for the journey.

InfiniteLoove includes them all and may be the symbol you give as a symbol of the infinite love one has for one's own or a close related child as one would like to give all the best on the way into adulthood.

Although this love must be able to accommodate the challenges of development and changes that every human encounter through life and never forget when they cross one's path. Use the jewelry movability to illustrate it all.

On the attached pictures you'll find our konfirmation edition 2017 for girls and on the other the one for boys. Follow the links for more information.

Have a nice day <3 :) <3

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