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Are you brave enough to love yourself?

Christmas time is time to show kindness and caring for others. A time to be jolly and merry…. but without forgetting yourself, I hope. This last part can be difficult not least for parents to live up to it, but if you lack care and love for yourself and your body, it can be difficult to give it to others. So here at Christmas, I'll challenge you to be brave and focus on your self-love so that you can also give love to others and maybe even to our outside world.

Obviously, it's not always easy to love, either yourself or others, and it is clear that it requires courage to admit it to others. You become so vulnerable when you obviously stand by your flaws and mistakes and so admirably strong when you celebrate your own benefits and abilities. But it's up to oneself to control our thoughts so that you accommodate and accept both the good and the less good sides. The InfiniteLoove jewelery is exactly designed to support you in this being dynamic so it can accommodate serving as a token of how love may twist and turn but never leave you. So should you agree please waer the jewelry knowing that at the same time you support others to be strong in themselves by giving to charity from buying a jewelry.

Do you feel like making the InL jewelry even more personal pls check out the new workshop where you can give your jewelry an even deeper personal meaning. Click here for more info. The workshops are in Copenhagen.

Wish everyone a very Merry Christmas

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