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Love is infinite

- it may twist and turn but there will always be love.

Free moving fine jewelry

Our jewelry consists of 2 symbols; the heart representing love and

the infinity symbol that represents that without end. The symbols are not fixed together but are free moving - indestructible connected and ubiquitous. 

Our Why

InfiniteLoove started as a life lesson learned and a reminder of the lifelong love that every beings receive from their beating heart within, that endless loving feeling between people, to the abundant infinite love in everything.

For every jewellery sold there will be donated % of the profit to charity.  

Show your love is infinite whether your love is endless for yourself or for someone special to you. Or maybe you just want to visualize that you trust in the abundant love that infinitely flows from the universe to every living thing....

"Love never fails"   Paulus

Danish design & Fine jewelry

Elegance and simplicity are words that can describe the design thoughts behind InfiniteLoove. The jewelry are produced with respect for people and nature, assembled and packed by hand to secure quality and personality.

Our design is protected as a register trademark in Europe ®. The rest of the world ™

A sustainable mindset

We are conscious regarding waste which is why we deliver every jewelry in a gift box that can be reused as a travel box for jewelry and the band that keeps the box closed has a dual function both as a hairband and a wristband as well. This way unnecessary wrapping is avoided.

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