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For every jewellery sold - we give 8% to charity

We all deserve to be loved the infinite way. To be cherished, accepted and appriciated for being just who we are the best - namely ourselves 💕🤗💕 

In a comparable world where almost every thought and move we have, can and will be exposed to most of our acquaintances in a second via a post on social media, we often end up in a race for the top position for admiration by counting likes and comments. Comparing unwillingly, maybe but still a ranking we'd all like to excel at - at least some of the time.

Far from always are we cable of showing others the appreciation we crave ourselves and so the most liable way is to give appreciation to ourselves by accepting who and what we are of things we're not able to change and to take responsibility for the things that we can change. Or life offers circumstances that just exceeds our abilities at the time given.

In those situations the universal and infinite love that's within us all should be remembered. The infinite love that starts with the beat of our heart and lasts a lifetime 💕❤️💕

Therefore we aim to promote connecting with inner feelings and self love awareness. If everybody just filled themselves up with love and acceptance, no-one would have any urge to hurt anyone neither verbally nor physically.


In our world of today we take care of the starving, the homeless and the very ill children but even when you have all your basic needs covered, you can still feel out of love....and here's where our charity aim to aid. We will donate everything we can from our 8% (8 is almost the infinity sign) of profit from sales and convert it into a specific help or simply a jewellery to improve selflove and self worth 💕🙏🏻💕


Do you know anybody that could do with some love of the infinite kind and is it beyond your ability to help yourself directly, then please write us and tell us who or whom you're thinking about.

Much love 💕🙏🏻💕

Summer camp with loving ideals

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2017 a donation to support a summer camp for girls with the ideals to improve self love to girls in the pre-teens age. To give the a break from everyday life, to make new friends and to learn about self appreciation.

InfiniteLoving person

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Individuals that pass the infinite loving message on very well or individuals in need of endless amounts of love. Could be a jewelry or other kinds of support.

Chrildrens book

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InfiniteLoove sponsored a book to be used in some Danish schools to teach pupils to be in contact with their own feelings and to give themselves love. 

Due to the belief that having enough selflove will prevent bullying in schools.

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