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A fountain of colors and love

August 27, 2018

Love is colorful, love is unconditional, love is acceptance, love is respect, love is positive, love is evolution, love is expansion, love is now, love shares, love includes, love raises you up....

This photo was created by the school of photography in Denmark as a student project and luckily they chose InfiniteLoove token jewelry to be part of their project. We are honored to have been able to support a learning process. 

Have an awesome day & stay loving 💕🙏🏻💕

Exiting photography work with InL jewelry

May 31, 2018

School of Media in Copenhagen runs a theme called 'Electrify' and have taken a beautiful photo of our Silver Ball Claps Bracelet in solid sterling silver - fits all and ooohes love. 

We are so into the backdrop colors of blue - red - pink - Lila to us it's all about loving. Thank you MEDIESKOLENERNE for this electrifying shot of InfiniteLoove 💕👌🏻💕

Check out the whole magazine from AuClock here

Mention in the Danish Jewelry Magazine AuClock

January 31, 2018

2018 jewelry is about colors and lots of them - AuClock mad a feature about this topic and our colorful chakra bracelets found their way to the magazine. 

Please find more information on colors on the website

New and usefull in Familie Journalen

January 14, 2018

InfiniteLoove is always useful and since it's constantly evolving, always new. This little mention is talking about InfiniteLoove symbolic jewelry consisting of two jewelry - an infinity sign and a heart indestructible connected freely moving and never fixed. 

The InfiniteLoove jewelry can match almost everybody's liking and worn both by men and women. It's supplied in solid sterling silver or solid 14k gold. The jewelry comes in 3 sizes 💕🤗💕

The mentions is reposted from 

AuClock NewNordic Show Edition

August 24, 2017

Portrait of the designer behind the InfiniteLoove design and about the start up of the company. 

Learn more about the deeper meaning behind the elegant design and why the parts of the double jewelry are freely movable. The 3 levels of love and the mission to remind the world the true meaning of love. 

Also read about the charity donated from the sale of every piece of jewelry.

Mention in Danish Jewelry magasine

May 21, 2017

The Danish jewelry and watch magazine Design, Ure og Smykker, has published a page telling the story about true love being more than romantic. It's deepness and sincerity comes to a full expression with the InfiniteLoove jewelry free moving 2 piece symbols of love and eternity. 

Finding selflove and courage to shine

February 22, 2017

This weeks edition of Søndag - another make over in the magazine.

InfiniteLoove can be a token of finding your inner worth and courage to be the unique you, that you truly are. Here is our Sterling Silver with a 80 cm adjustable chain also in sterling silver. 

As part of a Make Over in the Danish Magazine Søndag

January 22, 2017

Make Overs has no age and new chapters of life can call for a refreshed style. Here InfiniteLoove take part of the make over of Kirsten, a retired woman that wanted to refresh her style.

The InfiniteLoove jewelry in this make over was our Statement Necklace in solid Sterling Silver with a silver chain on Kirsten and mentioned on the adjacent page with the genuine double leader string and the Onyx pearl.

Never travel without love

December 05, 2016

The Copenhagen Traveller travels around the world looking for new experiences and reviewing hotels and sites and recommend that you share love wherever you go by supporting InfiniteLoove Charity when buying a jewelry.

See our jewelry by clicking here or read for yourself on the travellers page here. 

Personal story of infinite love

September 27, 2016

The Danish blogger Simone Tajmer has made a blog about her purchase of an InfiniteLoove jewelry and now reminds her of how love can challenge og mature you, but always will be a part of you. Read her touching story here and see more about what jewelry she prefers here.

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