Fantastic colors sterling silver bracelets. Solid sterling silver and durable elegant design. Choose the colors you prefer or the chakra color you'd like to focuse on. The bracelets are custom made to fit your wrist. Just measure your wrist and choose the size that fits the best - better to have it a little bigger then too small :) 


For easy everyday wear the bracelets are elastic so that the easily comes on and of. Wear as many as you like <3 :) <3


The bracelet are made of clear colored glas beads and the colors to choose from are red, orange, yellow, red, green, blue, white and purple. If you'd transcrip that into chakras it would be;


 * red color represent the rooth chakra which stands for safety, grounding, right to live

* orange color represent the sacral chakra which stands for emotions, creativity, sexuality

* yellow color represent the solar plexus chakra which stands for willpower, social self, self descovery

* green color represent the heart chakra love, integrity, compassion

* blue color represent throat chakra and expression, personal truth, etheric

* light blue/white color represent the third eye chakra and intuition, inspiration, extrasensory perception

* purple color represent the crown chakra and enlightement, knowledge, universality

Chakra bracelet

Color or chakra choice