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Silver sterling banged and oxidized secured to a solid bracelet made of black paracord.

Handmade in Denmark with love and respect for nature and people.

InfiniteLoove for men

SKU: 1501
  • Today men are just as accepted to show and talk aboit their feelings as well as women are. A man can easely wear a brecelet as a token of self love or as a reminder that someone loves him endlessly. 


    To show ones 'softer' sides is actually being very brave. InfiniteLoove for men gives you the possibility to show your brave enough to be in contact and proud of your feelings. 


  • You're making a difference by buying this jewellery. For each and every jewellery sold, we will donate 8% of the profit to someone that deserves infiniteloove, but who may not for various reasons have the ability to buy a jewellery themselves or the chance of receiving it from others. Sometimes people need to be reminded that there is an infinite love for everybody... For moreinformation please go to the InfiniteLoove4u page.

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