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For you that surely knows you are loved and wants to wear your InfiniteLoove jewelry almost as a statement jewelry. 

For you (and us) we have made this dobbeltsized InfiniteLoove necklace to be worn in any string or chain you'd like.
We sell them with a simple dobbelt genuine leader string in black or with a solid sterling silver chain, completely adjustable. The length is 80 cm / 31.5 inch - the InfiniteLoove jewelry is 7 cm / 2.8 inch and 3 cm / 1.2 inch wide.

The InfiniteLoove jewelry is solid sterling silver and weighs more than 14 grams which is enough to have a feeling of a genuine value around your neck and light enough to wear all day without noticing the weight.
This InfiniteLoove jewelry will look amazing and eye-catching worn with solid colored bluses or dresses or you name it.

Statement Necklace, Sterling Silver

SKU: 1700
  • You're making a difference by buying this jewellery. For each and every jewellery sold, we will donate 8% of the profit to someone that deserves infiniteloove, but who may not for various reasons have the ability to buy a jewellery themselves or the chance of receiving it from others. Sometimes people need to be reminded that there is an infinite love for everybody... For moreinformation please go to the InfiniteLoove4u page.

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