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Love between people - second level of love

The second step in our 3 levels of love is the love between people. A lot of people will think it's the romantic love between a man and a woman. We see it often portrayed in the media with pictures and quotes of crushed couples. And the majority of all songs are singing about the relationship's euphoria and even challenging sides.

There can be great love in a relationship, but the media's pictures, quotes and songs are probably more about being in love than the deeper love.

In fact, we might mention the love between people, like the love of other people because the truth about love is precisely that it can only be given. Love for others in the deep understanding, accepts, sets free and can only be given. It is really independent of whether the recipient wishes the love or not. Love is unconditional and does not make any demands. If you love someone in the deep understanding, you accept them both on good and bad, much like a parent love their child. You want the best for the ones you love and you support them in their choices without limitations, not that you do not want to guide and advise, but you respect their decisions in live.

There is nothing you can do to deserve love, but of course, there may be actions that make it difficult for the giver to show acceptance and exterminate. As well as there are actions and words that make it easier to show loving feelings and acceptance.

Maybe it's easier to love others when you know how to love yourself, maybe it's easier when we understand that we all have the same kind of needs that in fact we're all the same.

Love has no limits and there is enough love in this world for all of us <3 :) <3

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