Thanks for giving and loving

And for making a difference on your path through life. Give thanks for what you have and for the people around you and make sure to give thanks to yourself first of all. Loving and giving yourself first is not about materialistic stuff, it's about acceptance and understanding and respecting the body and soul you came into this world with. None of it will harm you so be nice.... And then give a little to others - respect, love, caring, acceptance and understanding. Again when we have the basic material in place, we actually need no more. So give thanks for what you already have and maybe - just maybe it's time to share instead of buying more and more and more.... Give the though that maybe yo

Selflove is worldlove

People affect each other not only with words and with what we do but also with our attitudes. Attitudes originating from feelings within and not always in our consciousness. That's why we sometimes can experience a swift in the mood in a room full of people if just one other enters the room with a bad attitude. In that sense we are all connected and subject to influencers around us. And attitudes can amplify from person to person because we all know most feelings, so when we are met with a e.g. negative attitude/ a negative feeling our body recognizes it and matches it. That feeling raising from a negative attitude will grow because it's not been seen or taken seriously from the beginning. T

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