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What a day to be happy 💕😆💕

International Happiness Day - Stay Happy & Loving

Today is Internatio-nal Happiness Day so what better day to choice to be happy - be happy for every little thing you can be happy about. I'm happy because the sun is shining outside, not for the frost or the laundry I haven't folded jet or any of the other tasks that I have to do today but so little urge to do. Often happiness is a deliberate choice of wanting to look for the positive elements in our everyday lifes - our boring and ordinary lifes have ordinary happy moments we can focus on, if we choose to do so. You have to keep an open mind to search for these moments, when folding laundry 😆 .... I realized that it could make me happy that I'm able to provide clean, dry and now folded clothes for my family that fits them without being worn out too much. I choose this to make me happy.... just a little bit.... and it makes me grateful. Basically it filled me life with appreciation and acceptance that it's not perfect but it's mine. Not impressive but ordinary and a bit boring, folding tha laundry but's it's ok and it makes me smile, makes me happy and loving 💕👨‍👩‍👦‍👦💕

Nerver neglet a possibility to be happy - seeks it 👌🏻

Have a nice one and stay loving 💕🙏🏻💕

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