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Third level love is universal love

Infiniteloove universal love third level

Fascinating last level of love is the love for the universe, our planet and our home - this is where we live and love. Did we not have the planet we wouldn't have a place to experience life. Hence to talk about limitless love without at least being appreciative about our planet makes no sense.

Now Mother Earth never requested anything from us for providing an abundance of food and housing. It just gives fruits and vegetables, crops we can live from and to feed farm animals with and so on. We have learned to cultivate and optimize this process but are now realizing that this lavishness only will last if we take good care of our planet. Nothing new to the story but we still have to do this kind act for future generations and for the people we don't know in person. Universal love is also helping a fellow being with no boundaries. Give love, show love and be kind.

Universal love can be felt when we for instance are standing on a mountain top overlooking 'the world' around us. We feel powerful and insignificant at the same time knowing that we are not the center of the earth or the most important being in the bigger picture. But at the same time we feel powerful, powerful to know that we know how to get to the 'other side', powerful enough that if we asked the relevant people we can change the nature quite dramatically if we wish. Drain a lake, demolish a mountain....

But the surrounding world also amazes us - so we feel insignificant and small. Grateful for just being alive and fascinated by the beauty of the surroundings. The loud stillness of the wilderness often overwhelms us.

No true love has limits - it is within us, between us and around us. Infinite love connects us <3 :) <3

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