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Yesterday I unwillingly met this guy and for some reason he wanted to threaten me, show me his long finger and scream at me. He watched me, followed me and waited outside a shop for me to return so he could start a discussion. A lot of words and a very unpleasant experience for me later he was walking away but turned and screamed back at me - I don't care about you! Which I answered back to him - well I care about you!

I was very surprised to hear myself say that I cared.... but I did. The whole incidence had started with him deliberately walking out and crossing very slowly in front of my car with an ice-cold and to me very scary attitude.

Now the situation could easily have been another and hi would have been hit by the car, he'd chosen to walk out in front of. I didn't want him to get hurt and from the mood he was in, he must have been hurting on his inside prior to the interaction with me - naturally I felt sorry for him and wanted him to feel better, even though I was seriously scared.

We do not know each others life stories, what we have lived through or what traumas we carry with us in life. So care for each other, don't judge anybody since you cannot be them and therefore don't know how they are feeling within.

Start caring for yourself all parts of you and stop judging yourself too, it won't do you any good.

Start in front of the mirror and say out loud 'I CARE for YOU' - repeat in front of others by giving understanding, acceptance and love.

I care that you care <3

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