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Planning a special Valentine's Day this year ?

It's time to start planning for a nice Valentines Day even though there is still a little more than a month to go before February 14th.

This year it's an ordinary Tuesday, but don't hold back cause most days are ordinary everyday's and especially everydays are when we need to know we are appreciated by others or that special someone.

So let him or her know that they do make a difference in your every day life and they ad that little extra for you to feel loved.

Start the day a little earlier than normal and take time to sit down and enjoy a breakfast together - so simple but so important to get a good start of the day.

A little text message to brighten the ordinary tuesday is a very nice thing to both send and receive. Even if you don't know what to write just put down a few heart and a kissing smiley - it will spred love when read by your true love.

Now after working hours - find time to do something together - it can be anything but doing something together will create common memories and something to look back at .... maybe just a walk:)

Now again sit down and enjoy a dinner, with a little ekstra delicious food and candles and flowers.... top it up with a glas of wine and a small present for your love.

We of cause suggest that you get an InfiniteLoove jewelry for you both to celebrate you have endless love for each other.

Love is infinite - it may twist and turn but there will always be love <3 :) <3

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