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Do you already have a silverchain?           - prices FROM DKK 288,- 

If you already have a silverchain that youre very found of there is no need to purchase another one. You can always use a chain of your choice for your InfiniteLoove jewlery. It will work with almost any chain or string or material. So if you have something that you inherited or you'd like to wear the InfiniteLoove token with a few other favorite pieces, it's very possible - just put it on the chain with your other pieces and wear them together. 

Find you favorite sized here and order, we ship worldwide as fast as we can. 

The sizes to choose between are approximately as follows

InL Mini is app 2,5cm by 1cm or 1 by .4 inches.


InL Original is app 3,5cm by 1,4cm or 1.4 by .5 inches


InL Big is app. 7cm by 3cm or 2.8 by 1.2 inches 


InfiniteLoove jewelry - choose your pendant size

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